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Stamina is a key part of The Grail Lords, and is used in varying quantities for most actions in the grail realm. Stamina is gained at the daily reset. The amount of stamina gained daily varies depending on a number of factors that generally lead to increased stamina per day as a player grows.  The stamina requirement for actions varies greatly.

Stamina Gained[]

Each seeker gains 100 stamina automatically per reset, plus bonuses from the following factors.


Increase Stamina/day by 4 per quality level


  • Beds must be equipped in your possesions section of inventory before you gain stamina from them.
  • Beds are only available for use in town (but do work in any town)

Sleeping Bag[]

Increase Stamina/

day by 2 per quality level

  • Sleeping bags function the same as beds, but only outside of towns, not inside them.

Learning Skill[]

Increases Stamina/day by 1 per point of skill.
  • All Skills start at 1, so a new character gets 1 bonus point from learning from the beginning.
  • The learning skill increases a random amount between .04 and .08 points each day that you were active.
  • At skill level 100, 50 extra stamina are given per day, totalling to 150 from the learning skill at level 100.


Increases Stamina/day by 1 per point.
  • Honour can be gained from various quests, events, and special tasks done for the grail lords.
  • Maximum bonus of 100 extra Stamina.

Other Methods of Stamina Gain[]

  • Events occuring during the reset can also alter your stamina.  During each reset the Seeker has a chance to receive a bonus of 15 stamina if their mood is high, or a reduction of 15 stamina if their mood is exceptionally low.   An exceptionally drunk seeker also has a chance to lose stamina the next day.
  • Stamina Potions increase a seeker's stamina immediately, rather than at reset.  These do cost stamina to make however.  An exception is Grail Stamina Potions, which can also be purchased with 100 Grail Tokens in the Grail Castle.
  • Every time a seeker votes there is a small chance that they gain 100 stamina.

Stamina Used[]

Stamina used for each action varies widely from action to action.  Any action that uses stamina typically results in skill gain of some kind.