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Cooks with a basic knowledge of cooking can prepare soup from various food ingredients.

Soups are drinks that can be made using the Prepare Soup option in the Kitchen of your Residence. Making a soup requires one Food Ingredient and a certain amount of stamina. The amount of stamina required depends on your Cooking Skill. There are some requirements before your character is able of making soups.

Requirements to make soups:

Different types Soups:

Type of Soup Food Ingredient Increases
Cheese Soup Cheese Luck Skill
Egg Soup Egg Constitution Skill
Fish Soup Fish Intelligence Skill
Grape Soup Grapes Patience Skill
Meat Soup Meat Strength Skill
Mushroom Soup Mushrooms Speed Skill
Potato Soup Potatoes Endurance Skill
Poultry Soup Poultry Agility Skill
Vegetable Soup Vegetables Charisma Skill

Additional Notes:

  • Drinking soup does not remove Hunger and is only for increasing skills.
  • The Cauldron's durability reduces by 1 point per ingredient used.
  • Soups are drinks, such as milk and beer and count toward daily limit of 5 drinks per day.
  • Soups can be drunk both inside and outside the Towns.