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The skills in The Grail Lords are one of the most important aspects of the game. All Seekers have the same skills available and in theory, can raise each of them up to 100. Almost every action done by Seekers is influenced by one or more skills and raising particular skills does highly determine the player's character as they represent the knowledge and experience in certain tasks.

Most actions require a certain amount of Stamina. Very often the amount of stamina used, affects the amount of skill experience gained. The Personal Skills are raised by eating meals containing various food ingredients. The Fighting Skills are raised by gaining skill points from Combat Levels. With higher skills, Seekers become more efficient, unlock new abilities or can do the same action using less stamina.

Skill Level Experience gained per 100 Stamina Modifier
Lower than 20 1 Experience (1 * stamina modifier)
Between 20 and 40 0.8 Experience (0.8 * stamina modifier)
Between 40 and 60 0.6 Experience (0.6 * stamina modifier)
Between 60 and 80 0.4 Experience (0.4 * stamina modifier)
Above 80 0.2 Experience (0.2 * stamina modifier)

Additional Notes:[]

  • There are currently 98 skills available.
  • None of the skills can ever be higher than 100 points (Grail Tier).
  • All the skills start at 1 point and can never drop below 1.
  • 22,734 Stamina are required to max out a skill[1] without any modifiers.
  • Note, that many skills do not follow the above table or value for needed stamina. E.g., skills related do moving on the map do, skills like reading do not.

Skills in The Grail Lords are classified under 5 different categories based on their usage.

Personal skills[]

Most Personal Skills are raised through consuming certain meals and soups. These skills have widely varying effects, and each may benefit the multiple unrelated skills or combat. Some (e.g. Learning Skill) cannot be gained through food and drinks.

Fighting Skills[]

Fighting Skills are used in combat and vary depending on the weapons a Seeker uses. These skills are leveled by allocating skill points primarily acquired by increasing your Combat Level.

In addition, Seekers may obtain additional skill points from reading the Way of the Warrior book (one time only) or as a rarely listed reward from The Weekly Errand.

Daily Skills[]

Daily Skills are general use skills that come in handy occasionally, and are often raised by certain actions and events. This includes skills for travel, literacy, and identifying objects or creatures.

Resource Skills[]

Resource Skills are primarily used to acquire resources and are raised by using stamina on the acquisition of the related resources. They include ranch skills, farming skills and skills used outside of town, like mining.

Profession Skills[]

Profession Skills allow the Seeker to make higher quality tools and items as they increase. As a skill goes up, the Seeker's units per stamina also increase, meaning they can produce items faster. These skills are raised by working on specific projects, such as Items and Potions and often involve producing fine goods, unique services, or crime.

  1. This only applies to skills that require spending stamina to gain skill points. Skills gained through food, drinks, or combat levels cannot be quantified like that.