The Grail Lords Wikia

Seekers are the players of the Grail Lords.

Seekers have to eat some meals or bread daily to satisfy their hunger. It is also useful to have a good mood, see below.


Players get stamina every day they can spend as they like during the day. Players should login daily to avoid a loss of constitution and waste of stamina. Note, that unspent stamina is lost at the day's end.

Seekers receive stamina every day at the Daily Reset, the amount is calculated with this formula:

  • stamina = 100 Basic + 1 for each point in the Learning Skill + 1 for each Honour + 4 * Quality if the Seeker owns a Bed.
  • In case the seeker has a Jubilant mood during the day change, they get another 15 stamina as reward.

There are many ways Seekers can spend their daily amount of stamina:

  • work at the Town Labor Hall for the town or other seekers
  • work at Workshops to produce items
  • study or read Books at the Town Academy
  • work on their own ranch or fields
  • gather resources (herbs, iron ore, coal, stone)
  • hunt, fish
  • travel the Realm to trade or fight monsters
  • ...


Currently there are 94 different skills Seekers can improve. Many skills can be improved by the daily actions like eating and working.


Seekers usually live in towns, where the most places for work are located. Trading also happens in the towns on the various Town Markets.