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  • Meal

    A Grail Meal

    Meals can be cooked from Cooking Meals option in the Kitchen of the Your Residence.
  • They can not be cooked outside your Town due the lack of accommodation.
  • When eating a cooked meal the ingredients in the meal will raise certain Personal Skills depending on the used Food Ingredients.
  • Meals can be eaten only inside towns.
  • You can buy and sell cooked meals at the Town Restaurant.
  • Eating a cooked meal raises your mood  by +1 mood for each ingredient the meal contains.
  • Despite the complexity of the meal, the hunger of the Seeker is always decreased by one point.
  • Throwing away a cooked meal raises Decadence Skill based on the complexity of the thrown meal.
  • Eating more meals than you need and throwing up raises Decadence Skill.

Food Ingredients and their skill effects
Ingredient Increases the character's ...
Cheese Luck Skill
Eggs Constitution Skill
Fish Intelligence Skill
Grapes Patience Skill
Meat Strength Skill
Mushrooms Speed Skill
Potatoes Endurance Skill
Poultry Agility Skill
Vegetables Charisma Skill