The Grail Lords Wikia

Items are unique game objects that can be made by the players at the Town Workshops. Each Item has a certain Quality level which indicates how difficult it is to create the item, how strong its effects are, and how much durability it has. Items are divided in four different categories based on the skill used to create them and how they are used by the player:

The Item Quality:

The quality of the items that can be created at the town workshops don't affect the material costs, but higher quality does require more stamina to be created. In addition if an item requires other items to be created, all of the required items must be of the same (or higher) quality. The quality always increases the durability of the item and sometimes has a specific effect depending on the item itself.

Different Item Categories:

  • Possessions: Possessions are items that affect the Seeker once equipped. Unlike tools, possessions don't require a tool slot. You never can equip more than one possession of each kind.
  • Tools: Tools must be equipped and require a tool slot. Many actions in the game require a certain tool to be equipped. After each use, the durability of the tool decreases.
  • Potions: Potions count as having a drink and can only be used once. All potions are made at the Alchemist Workshop.
  • Barrels: Barrels are used to stock alcoholic drinks like beer and wine. The can be opened at any time and be refilled several times. They are also used in Brewing.