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Honour is used to represent the fame and glory of Seekers earned during their life time. Honour does not fade away over time and is more difficult to earn than Popularity or Town Reputation. Seekers can keep track of the honour earned in their Honour Log and compare their honour with that of other Seekers at the Hall of Fame.

Seekers receive 1 Stamina extra for each Honour they have during the Daily Reset with a maximum bonus of 100 Stamina.

Ways to gain Honour:

  • With each in-game Birthday the Seeker earns 1 Honour.
  • Can be earned as a reward for completing certain Quests.
  • Can be gained as one of the possible rewards inside Presents.
  • Honour can be found and/or earned during certain Realm Events.
  • One honour can be claimed for each 500 Grail Score you obtain through Achievements.
  • Seekers can purchase a Shred of Honour for 200 Grail Tokens (only once).
  • Sell 4 different tools in Bandalf’s Quest: "Tool of Desire" and claim one Honour (only once).
  • Actively improving the Grail Lords project might sometimes be rewarded with additional Honour.

Ways to lose Honour:

  • As an in-game punishment for bad or disrespectful behavior.
  • Can be lost based on certain (dishonorable) decisions made during Quests.
  • Attacking and killing certain characters that work directly for The Grail Lords.