The Grail Lords Wikia

Your Equipment can be found at your Residence Closet and contains your Arms and Armors as well as any clothing you possess. Each equipment has a certain rarity which represents how difficult it is to find it within the Realm.

Equipment Rarity

Equipment comes in various rarities, see the article on Rarity for details.

Armor Types[]

Armor can be worn on various body parts to protect them:

  • Body (incl. arms)
  • Belt
  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Head
  • Mount: the War Horse can also be equipped

Weapon and Shield Types[]

Weapons can be seperated into three groups:

  • one-handed (Main Hand)
  • one-handed (Off Hand)
  • two-handed

Shields can only be used in the Off Hand, the same applies to some daggers and weapons of the unarmed class.

Note, that while the list below might be a complete collection, not all these types of equipment can be acquired by Seekers. Some are legendary items given to a single Seeker, some are only for Grail Lords, yet others are Quest rewards.

Collection of equipment[]


Apoclypze's Bathrobe, Blacksmith's Apron, Carnifex Armor, Celebration Raiment, Dark Plate of the Moon, Errant's Heavy Plate, Fred's Battered Robes, Fur Body Armor, Grail Cuirass, Hex Hunter's Chest, Hrabrost Cuirass, Kohana's Dress, Nuldrim's Chainmail, Quilted Armor, Town Militia Armor, Wool Cape


Carpenter's Tool Belt, Grail Girdle, Leather Belt (Equipment), Noble's Belt


Allisa's Boots, Bandit Boots, Carnifex Boots, Celebration Boots, Errant's Riding Boots, Fur Boots, Grail Boots, Hex Hunter's Boots, Hrabrost Boots, Leather Boots (Equipment), Leather Shoes (Equipment), Legio Rex Ocreae, Maceman's Boots, Nordic Rider's Boots, Soldier's Boots, Town Militia Boots


Alchemist's Gloves, Carnifex Gloves, Celebration Gloves, Errant's Heavy Gloves, Fur Bracers, Gauntlets of Triumph, Grail Gauntlets, Hex Hunter's Gloves, Hrabrost Gloves, Maceman's Bracers, Magnificent Gloves, Monk's Wraps, Rogue Gloves, Town Militia Mittens, Winter Gloves


Baker's Hat, Carnifex Helmet, Celebration Hood, Cheesy Beret, Errant's Great Helmet, Fred's Artist's Hat, Fred's Fancy Hat, Fred's Hunting Hat, Fred's Old Hat, Fred's Weird Hat, Fur Cap, Gaiseric's Helmet, Grail Aura, Helm Cap of the Sun, Hex Hunter's Hat, Hrabrost Helmet, Ithycena's Cap, Kraken Helmet, Miller's Hat, Nordic Rider's Hood, Nuldrim's Battle Helmet, Professor's Hat, Rivet Spectacles, Tailor's Spectacles, Town Militia Helmet


Carnifex Leggings, Celebration Pantaloons, Errant's Breeches, Framer's Fabulous Trousers, Fur Skirt, Gaiseric's Garb, Grail Greaves, Hex Hunter's Pants, Hrabrost Greaves, Swimming Pants, Town Militia Leggings, Zhuga's Guardianship


Full Barding, Grail Champron, Grail Horseshoes, Horse Champron (Equipment), Horseshoes, Saddle

Main Hand (Weapons)[]

Assassin's Dagger, Balanced Bandit Dagger, Blood Moon Stabber, Carnifex Crescent, Cute Teddy Bear, Cutlass, Dreadful Smasher, Grail Blade, Jousting Lance, Nuldrim's Runesword, Right Handed Dagger, Spiked Club, Stones, Town Militia Pick, Varidyn's Smile, Whip

Off Hand (Weapons and Shields)[]

Burebista's Scutum, Carnifex Scutum, Grail Warden, Left Handed Dagger, Party Bloon, Pie Fork, Sturdy Nunchaku, Town Militia Shield, Varidyn's Kiss, Wooden Shield (Equipment)

Two Handed (Weapons)[]

Bandalf's Staff, Berthulda's Greataxe, Celebration Staff, Claymore, Common Spear, Crude Axe, Fred's Staff of Doom, Simple Staff, Voulge