The Grail Lords Wikia

While traveling over the map, your character may experience special encounters that force you to make a decision. The chance to have an encounter is 1% with each step made. The encounters can either be encountered while traveling on land (forests, mountains, plains, roads) or traveling through water.

So far there are 16 different encounters (13 on land and 3 in water):

Encounter Location Short description
Three Monkeys forest You encounter 3 monkeys and are given three choices.
Picnic forest You find a picnic filled with food.
Slaver mountains You find refugees hiding from a slave driver.
Stones plains You fall over some stones.
Wild Dog plains You encounter a wild dog.
Healer road You meet a hungry healer who's willing to heal you in exchange for a bread.
Merchant road Meet a merchant with a broken handcart.
Bandit road You encounter a bandit demanding some money from you.
Free Company Soldier road You encounter a mercenary looking for a new job.
Grail Knight road Encounter a Grail Knight who want to sentence you to jail for past crimes.
Nogwa's Tale road Encounter the Legendary Nogwa More during your adventure.
A brigand extraordinaire road Encounter the charming Reilly LaBeau during your adventure.
The Talking Dead land Encounter a skeleton and begin The Talking Dead quest.
Sirene water Hear the song of a Sirene.
Drifter water Have the opportunity to be a hero and safe a life.
Fishing Udgar water Meet Udgar at the shore.

During winter three additional encounters are possible when it's snowing:

Encounter Location Short description
Snowman all You encounter a snowman, choose what to do.
Frozen man all Have the opportunity to be a hero and safe a life.
Winter Wolf all You encounter a mighty Winter Wolf. Fight or flee.

When riding on a War Horse there is an additional encounter (falling off) possible.