The Grail Lords Wikia

Activity Status[]

The activity of a Seeker is represented by a colored dot next to their name. Seekers who became inactive for more than 365 days will be permanently deleted from the Realm or in exceptional cases will become an everlasting Seeker.

  • Green dot - Active Seekers: Seekers who have logged in to the Realm within the past 9 days.
  • Yellow dot - Semi-inactive Seekers: Seekers who haven't been active for the past 9 days. They still receive a Daily Reset and are taken into account in most of the in-game statistics.
  • Red dot - Inactive Seekers: Seekers who haven't been active for the past 50 days. These characters no longer receive a daily reset and aren't taken into account for most of the in-game statistics.
  • Blue dot - Vacation Mode: Seekers can go into vacation mode for 1 Grail Token. While being in vacation mode, the character and any ranch animals they might have are automatically fed during the daily reset. The vacation mode ends as soon the player logs back into the Realm.

Additional notes:

  • The Nobility Days keep decreasing with each passing day.
  • Hired Followers keep counting and might leave the Seeker during their vacation.
  • Although the animals will be fed during the reset, they still can die from old age.
  • Seekers who are in vacation mode will still be deleted after an inactivity of more than 365 days.
  • Certain items like beds, sleeping bags, pillows and belts won't be activated while being in vacation mode.
  • Gray dot - Everlasting Seekers: Everlasting Seekers are Seekers who are just too important to be deleted, even after becoming inactive for more than 365 days. They either left their mark in the history of the Realm, have a sentimental value to Lord Arogandor or to many Seekers of the Realm.

Additional notes:

  • Seekers can't request to become an everlasting Seeker.
  • In the unlikely case they would log into the Realm again, they become active Seekers again.
  • Money, presents, Grail Tokens, inventory, unequipped items, unequipped equipment and fields are removed.

Character Status[]

The Status of your character how hungry and drunk the Seeker is.

Hunger Status[]

Your hunger status has an important effect on your Character's life. That is why it is important to eat on a daily base! Being hungry for more then a day will cause you to lose stamina and eventually Life-points! There are 5 different stadia to represent how hungry you are.

The 5 hunger stadia:

  • Plump: You did eat more then needed and are not hungry at all.
  • Fed: This status is perfect! You are not hungry and have no problems.
  • Hungry: You didn't eat anything yet. Eat a bread or meal to become "fed".
  • Very hungry: You didn't eat for 2 days! You need to eat 2 breads or meals.
  • Starved: You didn't eat for a while! You are loosing Skill progress, Life-points and Stamina.

Drunk Status[]

Your drunk status show how sober or drunk you are. You get drunk from drinking alcoholic drinks. Being drunk has its effect on you during the Daily Reset. Depending on your status you will encounter special events.

All Seekers start their day sober.

The 5 drunk stadiums:

  • Sober: Normal, you are not drunk and won't have any special events.
  • Tipsy: Slight chance on having a special drunk event.
  • Drunk: Increased chance of having a special drunk event.
  • Wasted: High chance of having a special drunk event + stamina loss.
  • Hammered: Highest chance of having a special drunk event + stamina loss.


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