The Grail Lords Wikia

This is a list with all the possible actions that require stamina a player can do in The Grail Lords in alphabetical order.

Action Location Sub Location Primary Skill Required Object(s)
Alchemy Town Alchemist Workshop Alchemy Skill Various
Baking (bread) Residence Kitchen Baking Skill Bags of Flour & Wood
Blacksmith Town Blacksmith Workshop Blacksmithing Skill Various
Breeding (animals) Town Town Labor Hall Animal Attitudes -
Brewing Town Brewery Workshop Brewing Skill Empty Barrels & Various
Carpenter Town Carpenter Workshop Carpentry Skill Various
Cook (a meal) Residence Kitchen Cooking Skill Food ingredients
Cultivate Fields Town Farmfields Labourer Skill -
Delving (Stone) Stone Quarry - Labourer Skill Pickaxe
Digging Map Grassland

Endurance Skill Strength Skill

Forging Nails Town Blacksmith Workshop Blacksmithing Skill Iron Bars
Fishing Shores - Fishing Skill Fishing Rod
Healing Town Hospital Wound Treatment Skill -
Herb Searching

Forest Shores

- Herbalism Skill Herb Bag
Hunting Forest - Hunting Skill Hunting Set
Making Cheese Residence Kitchen Cheesemaking Skill Cheese Curdle & Milk
Making Soup Residence Kitchen Cooking Skill Cauldron & Food ingredients
Harvesting Town Farmfields Harvesting Skill -
Milling Town Mill Milling Skill Bags of Wheat
Mining Coal Coal Mine - Mining Skill Pickaxe
Mining Iron Ore Iron Mine - Mining Skill Pickaxe
Ore Melting Town Blacksmith Workshop Ore Melting Skill Coal & Iron Ore
Ploughing Town Farmfields Ploughing Skill Plough
Pickpocketing Town Center Pickpocketing Skill A victim
Reading Town Library Reading Skill -
Slaughering (animals) Town Ranch Animal Attitudes Buchter's Knife
Sneaking Town Town Gate Disguising Skill -
Sowing Town Farmfields Sowing Skill -
Tailoring Town Tailor's Workshop Clothier Skill Various
Tax Investigations Town Town Labor Hall Bookkeeping Skill -
Teaching Town University Teaching Skill -
Upgrade (field cultures) Town Town Labor Hall


Upgradie (structures) Town Town Labor Hall Labourer Skill -
Woodchopping Forest - Wood Chopping Skill Wood Axe
Work for the Grail Lords Castle - - -
Writing Books Town Library Writing Skill -